Draw Mode

Draw Mode is where you add new objects to your shots when creating your scene.

Draw Mode Screen

Add them by simply tapping your choice or drawing (perhaps with an Apple Pencil on your iPad) the shape indicated.  Your options are,

  1. Character: Adds a 3D model used as a stand-in for your actor. They’re posable, expressive, colorable and you can choose from a variety of men, women and children.
  2. Prop: Drops a cube prop into your shot and let’s you choose from over 300 built in props, or import your own.
  3. Wall. A quick way to define your space.  You can set the height and color of walls.  The background grid is 1m sq, which can be helpful, and when you resize a wall in the canvas it will show you it’s exact length.
  4. Light. Adds another light source with various attributes.  Up to 5 independent light sources can effect objects in frame.
  5. Import. This is a shortcut that will enable you to import 2D images and 3D objects from outside of Previs Pro.  For images, a transparency layer it can be useful for adding something into shots where the camera doesn’t move too much. Images have a “Face Camera” option to assist with this.   And regular images are very useful for backgrounds or anything you might use a green screen for.  3D Objects can be either used as props or even whole sets.

Freehand: The tab on the left of the Add Objects menu will switch to Freehand mode.  This will let you doodle “on top” of the 2D shot design.


  1. When importing, if you already have a file in mind, just hit the folder icon in the top bar to skip directly to the Import file picker.
  2. In Freehand, it can be helpful to draw larger than you need, and then in the 2D canvas shrink and position the doodle. This is especially useful with written notes or small doodles.
  3. When adding objects by drawing their glyphs, Previs Pro will drop generic versions immediately so you can keep adding all your objects in one creative flow. After everything has been added you can go through in the main canvas and edit the Info for each item.