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We’re a small team of multiple Apple Design Award winning application and game makers who like to play with new technology. We bring decades of innovation in iOS games development to Previs Pro

A trailblazing journey through the evolution of iOS gaming

Founding of Freeverse

Shipped over forty titles to various platforms

Freeverse developed and published seamless software, with a particular concentration on the Mac OS. Our developed and published titles have been honored with more Apple Design Awards than any other company. Our original characters have appeared in TimeDigital, Wired, and Animation World magazines, as well as television commercials for Blockbuster Video.


Growth and beyond

Freeverse grew to a team of 30 developers (including Mark and Kevin) based in Brooklyn, before it was acquired by ngmoco/DeNA. Along the way it garnered multiple Apple Design Awards, had numerous App Store #1 hits


Simple, beautiful and silly

Fotomoji works with any photo and provides a brand new way to interpret, design, and emojify. The app transforms your pictures to be 100% made out of emojis. Using the power of the GPU, Fotomoji uses custom shaders and image processing for blazingly fast high quality results.

After Ice

Experience climate change through augmented reality.

After Ice simulates your location in various data-backed future scenarios of global ice melt and sea level rise. Additionally, it lets you see the NASA-projected effect of sea level rise accurately within a 100 mile radius of New York City in the 2080s — within the lifetime of children alive today.  For more information visit AfterIce.org.In the news: Climate Central , Fast Company, Daily Mail UK,  9to5  etc.And look below - Al Gore used it!


Turning your portraits into professional-looking photos

FabFocus uses facial recognition to bring DSLR-like depth of field and bokeh effects to any iPhone.FabFocus 2.0 is a complete rewrite and redesign, with the goal of making it as fast and simple as possible to make stunning portraits. Every last detail has been considered and refined to streamline the experience.