With augmented reality, you can superimpose characters and props from your Previs Pro shots onto a real-world location. Then you can walk around these characters and create your best shots and scenes.

  1. ON LOCATION. Place your characters into real world locations. Instantly storyboard backgrounds, real-world blocking, location scouting and more.
  2. AT HOME. Table top play. Include a background, props, floor and it’s a “god mode” doll house.  Use your phone or iPad as your camera and move around your set. Discover your shots without putting on your pants.  Use LIDAR to create rough models of your actual set and props.
  3. LIVE CAMERA CAPTURE.  Built directly into the AR mode is a record button.  When seeing your shot in AR you can capture complicated shots and camera movements, save it as a video to your photo library and convey exactly what you’re thinking to your cast + crew.

After building a shot in Previs Pro, press the AR button.

Position your device above a flat surface with available light and tap when you see the green checkmark.

Your shot is superimposed in the real-world location. Rotate and position the piece. Toggle from model to life-sized cast when you’re satisfied.

Your life-sized cast appears exactly as you want them.

Using your iPhone or iPad as a camera, walk around and through the set. Keep snapping shots to build your scene.

Live Camera Capture

To record a video of your AR session, you hit the round Record button next to the add new shot button.  Apple will ask you for permission to record your screen, and then it will count down and start recording.

The screen reformats to highlight just the essential shot information, and show you a clean camera / lens view.

When you’re done, stop recording by hitting the screen anywhere.  The video will be saved into your Photos library.  From there you can send it directly to your team, or drop it into video editing software to clean it up.


When you export your shots into set-ready storyboards, your real-world locations appear as well.